About Us


Desert Winds Recovery Center provides an intimate treatment experience that supports Veterans and individuals whose lives have changed and become unmanageable due to substance use, post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our small, intimate 10-bed program allows our staff to put each patient at the center of his/her program with the understanding that they are the experts in their life’s values, goals, and priorities.


Our philosophy is simple, “Drugs and alcohol take a person’s life away; Recovery gives it back to them.” We believe that every person struggling with drugs and alcohol wants to be healthy again. Addiction takes away an individual’s power to choose for themselves. We give our patients the ability to make their own choices once again.


Our mission statement says to provide the best addiction and mental health treatment services for our Nation’s Veterans.. We believe in utilizing a medically driven model to assure our patients’ safety during their stay with us. We surround them with competent well-versed staff that can assist them in navigating the path to recovery using personal experience and professional training and education to pave the path to a new way of life.

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